Billy-William Bigheart

BILLY-WILLIAM BIGHEART is kind to all, and especially to animals. But when he and his best friend JIM JELLY plan to rescue some from wicked pet-shop owner REGINALD CROOK, things do not go altogether smoothly.  All turns out well after BILLY-WILLIAM has a brilliant last-minute idea.

The first in a new series of books about Billy-William Bigheart and his friends in Jubilee Road by Susan Hill, it has terrific, high-spirited, funny drawings all over the place by HELEN LANG.

To celebrate the launch, the book contains a free  extra - four pages of puzzles, games, and colouring-in for your children to enjoy. Order your signed copy at a special price of £5.99 post free within the UK. 

If you can't wait, download the Kindle version for just £1.99 now.